Three years ago I saw this video posted by CS Mott Children’s Hospital:

This inspired me.

I feel this is the perfect use of virtual reality. I began to talk with JJ Bouchard at CS Mott Children’s Hospital and we developed a relationship. I started by sending 360 videos from my travels for the kids to view in VR. Over the last few years I’ve decided to create something more complex and customized for them.

In my free time, I’ve been developing an interactive virtual reality experience for CS Mott Children’s Hospital called Camp Magic.

Game-play Teaser Trailer for Camp Magic

Camp Magic is a magical forest that users can visit to play, relax, and have fun. I am the solo developer on this project utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 with music by ICTUS Audio. Currently I have a proof of concept for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Users can pickup magical wands, collect magic eggs, catch butterflies, shoot basketball hoops, play ring toss, tee ball, golf, fruit toss, feed animals, go underwater with fish, collect starfish, play music instruments, and more!

My goal is to connect with organizations, charities, foundations, and others to gain support and resources for Camp Magic to evolve. Recently I applied for the Epic Mega Grant.

We are currently play-testing, gaining feedback from users, and tailoring the experience to what users want to do.

I’m also accepting donations to hire another developer to help me make Camp Magic a multiplayer experience with personalized avatars so users can connect with family and friends wherever they are.


To try the beta version for Oculus Rift,
submit your Oculus email for an invitation.


Alpha version uploaded to SideQuest for testing and feedback, downloaded over 2000 times already.



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